I was incredibly excited to visit my cousins’ house in Connecticut at an attempt to photograph the night sky. Last year, I tried to go into my backyard and aim my camera up but light pollution makes that difficult. I remember driving from CT to NY and seeing thousands of stars dim to a few. Unfortunately, it rained hail and the clouds seem to freeze in place. When the sun finally set, it rained hard with bolts of lightning striking charged ground. It was a disappointment!

But I was able to try to take pictures of my cousin’s child. She ran across the yard and was too entranced in her musings to look at the camera. I am proud of the very few I was able to capture and that made the trip worth it.


With Love

This Valentines Day, my roommates and I received a very special gift from our friends. We had a final exam the next day so thoughts of exchanging gifts were not on our minds. The house received a huge card with messages written to each of us. And we individually received a bag filled with candy. I took home two bags to give one to the other roommate and decided to photograph it.


Hope you all had a wonderful day!

Hello world!

Nice to meet you.

I take photos.