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George and Suja

Date: October 8, 2011

My cousin got married! I had family from Georgia and Texas visiting for the occasion.
The orthodox church was beautiful and this magnificent view greeted you when you looked up. Plus you know it’s love, when a couple can look into each others eyes with love and bewilderment.


We traveled to the reception area with appetizers by the pool side. Unfortunately, the heat was unbearable and everyone tried to take refuge in whatever shade they could find. The variety of food and drink eased the sun’s glare and then we were ushered into the main hall. My entire family that left from my house in the morning all were at one table. We awaited in anticipation when the bride and groom now husband and wife were welcomed into the celebration

They came rushing in to the sounds of Michael Jackson if the sparkling glove didn’t give it away. People stood up and gathered around to see them glide across the floor and transition into their first dance.

Then the married couple were seated as they were dazzled by the multitude of dancing by their friends and family.

Pictures and cards were spread out to remind everybody of their love and in memory of that special day.

The dance floor opened to all the guests. Personal congratulations to the bride and groom resulted in large hugs.

The bride and groom took a time out to change into something they could party in.  And they both take turns dancing with their smaller family members.

The single women were brought out in hopes of catching the bouquet. I merely obliged to have a great vantage point in taking more pictures. One lucky woman was able to catch the bouquet from the clutches of other women.

After hours of dancing and a dessert table that included a chocolate fountain, the night was winding down. The last picture of the couple shows them hand in hand walking away. Here is to a bright and happy future for the two!